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Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
Your link doesn't work.

They finished season 5 in August unless he's doing ADR or they are doing specials.

This is just weird because there is no season 6 and all the actors have been doing voice recordings every week since October.

If it's ADR then Season 5 has got a lot of problems or there's going to be specials instead of a season 6.

He made another post, don't know how to make the link work, but it's a poster of the Nick turtles with signatures from all voice actors of characters, from one offs like Napoleon Bonafrog and Savanti Romero, to the Turtles themselves. Might not have been there to record, though it's entirely possible.

Also, gives us character spoilers for season 5, I can see that Grant is also voicing Frankenstein, and there is a character called "Verminator Rex". Also a sketch of Usagi and what I assume is his voice actor can be seen, but I can't make it out.
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