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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
I don't know. I've heard from some people that it is a good show but I just personally don't care. Besides, even if it was a good show, how would you know? How many grown men randomly watch shows aimed at little girls just in case they happened to be turn out to be good shows?
With regarding Ever After High, I caught an ad on Youtube. It essentially just said that if you don't act like a puppet and follow your lines, you die. So curious, I watch the first season of the show (about 45 minutes) and found the story to catch my attention.

I picked the first Ever After High book (which goes deeper into the first season) and got hooked with the characters and stories, and finding out the mysteries of the world. and despite the rebranding, I'm (for the most part) am enjoying the series 15 books in.

From character's past, to the bestiality, to Bella and Brutta, the death of Blue Fairy's daughter, to a god that is just ****ing with her creations, the series seems to have it all for me.

and it's a goldmine for theories for me (and I don't really jump on the theory wagons)
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