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"Rise Of The Cybermen" has aired

The TARDIS falls through a rapture in the time/space vortex and arrives in an alternate world, Rose's father is still alive, and is very succesful in buisness, as well as still married to her mother, but she becomes dismayed when she first learns she does'nt exist, and that a dog is named after her, and her delight of a happily married couple is let down by the confirmation from her father in conversation that he's moving out, ending the marraige as quiet as they can in society circles.

Mickey is also given the spotlight, with more of his life revealed, and some touching moments where he's reunited with his Grandmother who died when falling off of a staircase he points out she needs to fix, before being sprinted off by a resistance movement opposed to the advancments in human communication by the Cybus corporation. Mickey finds that his counterpart on this Earth is a wanted criminal and the leader of the movemet, only with a different name, "Ricky".

Meanwhile, the Cybus Corporation's diseased and dying leader hopes to create the ultimate lifeform with no emotions, no fear, no humanity, etenal life. His scheme is turned down and he retalliates by abducting homeless people and turning them into Cybermen.

The Doctor and Rose gate crash a party by The Tylors to celebrate her mother's "39th" (really 40th) birhtday party. The Doctor hacks into the Cybus Corporation's files and discovers the strategy in time to warn Rose but little else. The party is soon attacked by Cybermen, who surround The Doctor and his freinds.

Next Week: The battle against the Cybermen continues
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