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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Oh come on, 'shipper nonsense aside, Rose did nothing in the second season, in fact Mickey got all the development and Tennant did'nt seem to bother much with her until the final few episodes. Rose was the Ninth Doctor's companion in almost every sense of the word, redeeming the brooding Time Lord and allowing him to find purpose, but afterwards the writers just ignored her until it was time to get rid of her.

Granted, when they did dispose of her, they did it wonderfully, and Tennant genually put on a gripping performance that tore up audiences in the finale, but objectivly, the second season almost completly ignored her.

And being an old school fan, I've seen much better companions, plus Rose is'nt the only one to witness and stay with The Doctor following a regeneration or even when he suffered going through it (Sarah Jane Smith and god knows who else come to mind), plus he's fallen in love before (Sarah Jane Smith and Grace Holloway from the 1996 TV Movie)

I do agree however that The Runaway Bride was awesome, Rose was only mentioned three times, and seen once in a very quick flashback, one thing that was revealed was that without a companion, The Doctor is unrestrained, Donna (the Bride) said it better than I can, "You need someone to stop you"
I'm no newbie, I been a fan since 1985ish. There's no other companion who actually said at their time with him, that they loved him. Sarah, imo, was the other who possibly had something for him. Romana probably had a fling with him, but nothing serious.
He wasn't in love with Grace. Yes he kissed her but it wasn't love, it was more of joy that his memories returned.I certainly do not recall him kidding Sarah.
I feel Rose fit with both 9th and 10th just fine. But only the 9th kissed her, that was MORE than just pulling votex energy from her. Who knows what else went on behind the TARDIS doors.
I'm not a "shipper".
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