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Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
What I wish they adapted, or that some TMNT TV show would adapt is my favourite Mirage issue. Vol.1 issue 11. "True Stories".

Most TMNT shows do the "Exile to Northhampton" arc, but they gloss over the emotional impact. They don't really get into the trauma they went through and the emotional healing afterwards.

To me it's the emotional content (and not the violence) that makes Mirage TMNT more "mature" than other versions. Both the kinda depressing "Life at best is bitter sweet" side and the heartwarming "Life is good, and life goes on" side.

I think both the 4kids and Nick versions (both of which I enjoy) really missed a golden opportunity by not adapting "True Stories" and by not touching on the emotional drama side of TMNT more often (the cop-out ending to "Sons of the Silent Age" being another example).

Anyway, for what it's worth I like 4Kids "Return to NY" I think it has more variety than the Mirage version with the appearance of Foot Mystics and Cyborg Baxter (I loved that part), and other surprises and twists.

I'll agree that 4Kids "City at War" wasn't that great, though. It needed to be longer and it needed to be later in the series (and after Shredder's final defeat). Still wouldn't have the impact of Mirage CaW, but even within 4kids limitations it should have been a lot better.
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