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personally, I -hate- these point systems.

in the past and now they are a joke. the concept is nice but the actual value they give the points are junk.

for example, i just recently made a big purchase from gamestop:

-new xbox (299.99)
-used xbox (115)
-2x new games (49.99 each)
-2x used games (9.99 each)
-6x used games (15.99 each)
-2x used games (34.99 each)
-wireless controller
-3x battery + charger kits (17 each)
-60gb hdd (34)

the total was +/- 800 dollars. when I made this purchase they signed me up to the gamestop reward points or w/e. Curious, i activated it when I got home and saw I had accumulated 3600 points. Wowie! i figured that must be a ton, afterall I just bought two complete gaming setups.

checking out what I could get, I was expecting enough for a controller, or a used game, maybe if i was lucky a new game or two, at LEAST a subscription to game informer (I thought this was something u always got when spending x amount of money in-store...guess that changed years ago, i dont shop videogames anymore)

low and behold, I was able to afford one thing: a crappy 5 dollar [guess] rubber bracelet.

wtf. really?
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