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Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
"This is bad comedy!" -Galvatron

I get people are still sour on the election to an extent, but can we attempt to move past it and focus on the policies/legislations passed by Donald?

BTW, I'd still take my chances with him than Pence.
I don't like Pence either, though I suspect that he wouldn't have the cult of personality that would dampen criticism like Trump does.

Athough you are right. Barring an impeachment (and hopefully not assassination) Trump is here to stay for the next four years.

I think what bothers me the worst about his policies is that he is anti-environment and that he is trying to severely restrict or almost outlaw abortion, one which will screw us over long term and the other which will not reduce abortions at all, but will just serve to drive desperate women towards illegal and unregulated providers.

And what's crazy is that Republicans used to be pro-choice and pro-environment, but all it seemed to take was some heavily influential guy pushing Catholic views on abortion and somebody else saying environmentalism was Mother Earth worship, and their views took a 180. This used to be the party of Lincoln, but I doubt he'd recognize it now. They even started appealing to the racism of the South back in the 60's to get Southern voters away from the Democrats, which I wonder if that was the first sign they started losing their identity.
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