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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
Are the Neutrinos inherently good? Like most other creatures, I'm going to say no.
It worries me a little that they'll still be treated as such in the Trial/Dimension X storylines. Which for this particular version of TMNT isn't all that great, considering most of the characters haven't been completely perfect or malicious. Except maybe the Pantheon, but I think even they'll have some "but, this good thing" factor.

Likewise, I'm not totally sold on the Neutrinos quite yet until their vices are actually discussed. I'd like to see something along these lines, maybe discussed between Zak and Honeycutt:
Z: Okay yeah, we did participate in tearing down the Utrom Empire, it was necessary.
H: So it was allowed it to turn to genocide instead of taking down the parts that actually mattered? And didn't protect the civilians that had no control over what their leaders were doing and were left in the dark about their world crumbling around them?
Z: Well yeah, but Krang also attacked innocent civilians
H: And why should that mean you should bend to his level? Why couldn't the Rebellion prove to be better than the Utrom military and protect the ones that would be caught in the crossfire? They had the chance to be the Bigger Man and they blew it.
And so on in that fashion.

Honeycutt is okay, especially since he got the kicker of cowering himself away while Krang was ransacking his homeworld looking for him. (Honestly, if I had to choose a second favorite element of TMNT besides Utroms, it's Honeycutt)

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
interdimensional elf-goblins
Yeah, that's a good descriptor of the originals

I have...also realized that was Dask in the preview. The name I forgot because of how similar it is to "Zak"

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