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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
I much as it sucks that Misty and Brock are getting replaced, I guess it does make sense, though? Why should two Gym Leaders, one of whom was basically the head of his family in the absence of his basically deadbeat father, drop everything and zip off with some kid on his journey? I know Brock's dad took the helm back, but at that point, I bet he didn't know shi!t about the family like Brock did.

I can understand Misty leaving because of the way her sisters treated her and that she wanted to spread her wings to get out of their shadows, but still...
Well this is also an AU, Misty/Brock may not even have siblings in this movie universe. They're probably more similar to their game incarnations where they're teenagers and more experienced trainers.

The anime versions of Misty/Brock were extremely toned down from their game incarnations. Misty went from being an experienced Gym leader to the youngest of 4 sisters and a runaway with no real experience. Brock went from being a serious Gym leader to a guy desperate to get a girlfriend and forced to take care of a family.

Since this is not in the continuity of the main anime, they simply don't have those issues now.
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