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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Apparently this movie is indeed just a hot mess. It's a reboot that will never be followed upon, the story it tries to tell is not that interesting with a few different stories patched together and afterthoughts thrown in without a decent conclussion, by trying to pander and promote the new games it ends up alienating both type of Pokemon fans whether you like Gen 1 or hate Gen 1.

So all around a big miss, what the hell where they thinking.
When I first heard of this film going back to the Gen I stuff, I was kind of hyped for it. I was actually going to consider seeing an actual Pokemon movie in theaters...until I found out that Takeshi and Kasumi weren't going to even be in it. Then I heard of the plot and my interest completely dropped.

I figured it was going to be an anniversary movie. I was assuming that maybe Satoshi was retelling the story to his new friends or something. So yeah, by the sounds of it, I could see it alienating both sets of fans, but I can't help but wonder what the first weekend gross for this film will be...or is. I don't know when it went to theaters. I just know that Pokemon movies always go to theaters in July.
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