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Originally Posted by mrfld View Post
Ah thanks. Interesting given adolescence will do that to you but I never really saw the turtles as ones to walk away from Splinter.
Yeah, there was an element to the arc not just about a master losing his apprentices, but a father losing his sons to adulthood. The Turtles were now mature enough and skilled enough to make these sorts of decisions on their own, and so Splinter was going through the sort of situation any father goes through when their kids grow up.

There's also the thematic matter of the Turtles inheriting Hamato Yoshi's blood debt, which was passed down to them by Splinter. Splinter gets something of a humbling throughout CAW; he's cut out of the picture and the Turtles are left to clean up a mess he passed on to them.

One of the reasons CAW is such a great arc is because it feels like a legitimate culmination of years of storytelling and escalation, both for the Foot Clan/TMNT narrative but also for each individual's character arc and journey.
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