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Originally Posted by ThirdMarioBro
All that'd do in the US is get me arrested. My parents wouldn't do it, but the moment we were reported missing, I'd be labeled by the police as a child kidnapper. The US law system sucks.
Not if you do a little intrigue. You have already signed a contract for a flat, for you and your sister. She also signed (that's the important part, so she states that she's okay living with you). Then you just get her into a fight with your parents, she screams that she'll move out (bags already packed) and then voilà, she gives your parents a phone call that she's with you. End of story.

Oh yeah, it probably would be best if your parents lived more than an hour or so away.

Why dows everything need to be so complicated these days. The moment you wake up you're supposed to be a criminal for... for... ah, they'll come with something in time.
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