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...Apparently, even though Apolo seemed annoying at times, she's been going through a living hell lately.

Yume Sangna (1:21:03 PM): i hate my mom ;_;
byoukiakuma (1:21:12 PM): Why..? o.o
Yume Sangna (1:21:42 PM): we were fighting over an algebra problem that i even proved using my book that i was right and she still didnt agree with me. she treatened to shred my test.
Yume Sangna (1:21:47 PM): and we were yelling at eachother
byoukiakuma (1:22:02 PM): er... o.o;;
Yume Sangna (1:23:18 PM): and then i yelled at her saying i was going to run away because all she ever did was yell at me over every little thing
Yume Sangna (1:23:43 PM): so she screamed at me: "go ahead, run away and live wiht your little mother ****ing retard in MA"
Yume Sangna (1:23:52 PM): i glared at her, and told her not to call him that
Yume Sangna (1:24:08 PM): then she said "just go to your room and dont come out you little ****"
Yume Sangna (1:24:19 PM): so i did, and one day she will wake up and i will be gone
Yume Sangna (1:24:25 PM): i'll be half way to Ma
Yume Sangna (1:24:29 PM): no matter how i get there

(Her boyfriend lives in MA)
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