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Originally Posted by MarsicornYT View Post
So will the actual order of how the episodes of season 5 were meant to air ever be released? And when they release a full season 5 dvd will it be in the airing order or the initial intended order by nick. I hope its the initial order so that it fully makes sense.

There was a bit where Mikey was talking to Renet from a communicator in Worlds Collide, it was wierd though because we haven't seenher give it to him yet. I hope theres no major spoilers and that the series finale actually airs as the series finale and not out of order.
Good question about the dvd and if the actual releases by production order will ever come out. One that only Nick would know unfortunately. The Renet bit could be continuity gaffe but not a big one. I think for the most part everything will work out as long as the bookend arcs remain in the same spot. Which I'm confident they will.
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