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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Are you going to let us in on what the first 100 days of a Modeen presidency would look like?
I think I would be very unpopular.

* Everyone given "temporary" sterilization that can be removed by a government doctor. You have to apply for a parenting license at 18 and prove your income/ability to take care of a child.
* Maximum 2 kids. Only exception is if one dies. If you break the law on this, you pay a huge fine. This would be going forward, of course... if you already have 10 kids when this is passed you're fine, but have an 11th and be prepared to pay the price.
* Remove all organized religion-based anything from... well, anything to do with schools, the Armed Forces, or the government itself. It has no place in any of that.
* Hard on immigration. No travel ban, but definitely scrutiny. DACA stays gone, but come up with a fair and just path to citizenship for Dreamers that is also equivalent to what normal immigrants (i.e., legal immigrants) have to go through. They can stay during this process. Now, if this pathway to citizenship is not followed or at least attempted, then they are deported. If other countries want to volunteer to take them, so be it, that can be an option. Service in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 5 years should be an option which guarantees citizenship.
* Come up with a better healthcare plan. It wouldn't be Obamacare and there would be no penalty for not having it, so maybe something federally enforced but tailored to each state? There is no easy answer, but I'm not sure single-payer is the way to go either, long term.
* Come up with a 5-10 year plan to completely remove any and all dependence on fossil fuels. Implement it. Enforce it. No more drilling, fracking, off-shore business, none of that. Shut it all down.
* Refund Planned Parenthood. Entirely.
* Throw a lot of money into NASA and the space program. Let's stop dicking around with unmanned probes and telescopes and actually do something again.
* Bring down student loans. Way down.
* Remove attention from raising minimum wages while looking at the housing and rental markets in all states. Freeze and/or bring down the "cost of living" back down to realistic levels.
* Get rid of the crazy gun laws on the books. "Andrew has been angry lately, I don't know what he'll do!" should never be grounds for police to come and confiscate your guns.
* LGBTQ stuff, leave it all up to the individual states. Better them make the call than me.
* Drinking age reduced to 18. Old enough to die in the Army, old enough to drink, I say.
* Return smoking to bars. Wussies.
* On this note, bring down the "sin tax" on alcohol and cigarettes. It's getting outrageous.
* Ban Fred Wolf TMNT. You so much as have a "Cowabunga dudes!" T-shirt in public, you're doing prison time.
* Make an executive order that Peter Laird needs to finish TMNT Volume 4.

I'm kidding on one of these.

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