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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Oh he's a hUGE fan. Yeah, I'm sure I'll at least be entertained. Even I admit the animation is a huge step uo from the flash animation.

The only episodes he's showed me were about this evil pony. Like I guess her premiere episode, then fast forward to her retutn episode that featured time travel and her becoming one of the good guys in the end. So i know the weird flash animation.

I'll most likely be lost in the grand scheme of things but I'm sure he'll tell me the backstory of anything I wouldn't understand.
Oh, the ones with Starlight Glimmer! That's rather odd for him to show you those episodes as opposed to the first season.

I'd definitely would recommend maybe a few episodes of the first season over the others. You'll get more of a slapstick vibe that you wouldn't expect from a show like this.
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