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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
I believe Donnie's behavior was more fear based rather then anger based. They had lost Splinter already that was a huge impact already. So knowing Vizioso had it out for them was what triggered Donnie into pulling a Raph, because he didn't want to lose anyone else he cared about to senseless violence and hatred.
I like this explanation.

But this goes back to the one thing I was a bit disappointed about these episodes. We aren't seeing how the turtles fare after Splinter's death, we're just seeing how Leo fares. I like how Leo feels over burdened with his responsibilities, but that doesn't mean the show has to focus on him without even just one sentence about how the others are doing. If Splinter's death is a reason for Donnie's outburst, if he's afraid of losing his other family members too, then just one mention in the episodes before this, or even this one, would have really helped bring it into perspective.
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