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Hey, real quick, my sister talked to Toni and found out she was a bit wrong with how Chris died. In fact, it's much worse. Here's what happened: "Chris was behind the counter..the gunman came in the store..shot him..left..shot a bum while digging through the trash (he lived), went to a random house, tried to break in..shot the resident (who lived). went BACK to the store..shot Chris again, this time in the face! Left, called police..turned himself in..when the cops got there he baracaded himself in the car..shot himself..and was considered "death imminent" status..I say worse because I know where he got shot and that is not the way that Chris deserved to go out.." The newspapers read, "Murder at Porn Shop" which pissed off Toni! She wants to write a letter to the editor and say how politically incorrect the title is and how insensitive it is to the family and gives readers a negative impression on a TRAGEDY.
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