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Five seasons on, and I still think the worst moment in memory was Turtle Temper; mostly because of Splinter's attitude. Thirty years with this franchise has nailed home that we aren't going to get a Mirage-accurate cartoon of the turtles having the capability to be no-nonsense, classic ninja assassins, but even then, there are sinkholes I'd think this show should sidestep, and this, this was one of them.

I don't have a problem that a kids' show wants to teach that getting your judgement clouded by anger is a problem. I don't mind Splinter being the guy that teaches it. But I do call total, bipedal mutant bull on Splinter thinking that teaching the lesson justifies giving the turtles greater exposure to the rest of the world, when in the very last episode he knew that the Foot Clan would be coming to track them. I'm sorry, but self-preservation should have taken priority over being polite in that case.
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