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Oh boy. Well from what I have been able to watch it's very nicely animated but yeah the FW series come across terrible. It's not a secret Peter Laird hates the 80s series so this was kind of his revenge.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
The "it's disrespectful" argument annoys me to no end, I really wish the people who make it would learn to drop the nostalgia goggles and accept there's merit in mocking the FW turtles, or at least understand why a "respectful" version wouldn't really work.
Again this 'nostalgia googles' is a poor excuse. The only reason a respectful version of the FW series wouldn't work is that they needed to show how different those TMNT were to the 2003 ones. That's it! The problem is of course the writer and everybody else went way OTT.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
I seriously hope the "FW TMNT meets the most recent cartoon version!" idea is never done ever again and the cartoons become solely focused on moving forward.
I agree. I just want FW DVD movies or a TV series continuation.

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What we got in the end was a universe where the supposed 80s turtles are more hive-minded and have behavioral traits more reminiscent of Yakko, Wako and Dot, than their actual personalities from the cartoon.
I think it was detrimental to being able to fully enjoy the TV movie although in terms of story the characterisation of the FW TMNT had no effect on anything. They could have easily swapped those TMNT for a random universe version we never saw before.

Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
That feeling you get where the people at that comic con were the only ones that got to see the full version of the movie. I don't know what they were thinking when they released the DVD. I've never seen a 'TV-edited' version of a movie bring released on home media, it's always meant to be the actual film.
The full version was available in the UK although I don't remember many rushing to import it for some weird reason.

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I watched the OT Season 1 dvd and they’re exceptionally great for its time (I somehow couldn't watch the later seasons due to different tone and drop of animation quality).
But even compared to a random Season 5 Turtles Forever still makes them worse.

Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
The weirdest thing was the noogie bit. Once was fine, though still odd since I don't recall them ever doing it on their show, but they did it like 3 or so times that it felt like they were trying to say it was a staple of the 80s TMNT just as much as Cowabunga was. That was a very weird addition. Unless the Forever writers thought everyone was giving everyone noogies in the 80s or something.
I think maybe they got as far as giving each other group hugs or high fiving in the FW series? Noogies as you say I do not remember.

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And do '87 right. I'd love to see all their (various versions of Turtles) reactions to the 'Rise' bunch...
Yeah I mean the 2012 series took a crack at them and still made them come across as idiots who have apparently never used their weapons. It's a start but there's certainly room for improvement.

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