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My job has been deemed essential so I still commute to work. It's scary because I have to rely on trains and buses, and though the agencies have sent out lots of messages about how they have amped up their cleaning protocols and such, there are still TONS of homeless people all over transit, who sneak in for free. The transit agencies have had decades to crack down on fare evasion and do not take it seriously.

I'm not trying to wage a war on the homeless, but they are one of the most at-risk populations for carrying covid-19 due to the nature of their lifestyle. They also do not obey the social distancing rules that are in place. I'm doing my best to protect myself, but chances are high that I will contract it. I just hope I'm young and healthy enough that it won't be much of an issue. Unfortunately, I live with someone who is more at-risk than I am and I do not want to infect them.

I've been hoping that the President or Governor issues a full quarantine so I can just stay home from work to avoid more exposure.

So aside from all the work and commute BS, I'm having a really hard time ordering groceries. I usually use Amazon Fresh but it's 100% booked up, I check it regularly for openings and there have been zero, even 5+ days ahead of time. No openings at all. I live in the city and don't drive, so I can only bring what food I can carry in a bag home with me occasionally until this gets sorted out.

I actually had like 96 rolls of TP delivered right before the shortages began (subscribe & save order placed way in advance as I was running low) so no issues there. lol.
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