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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
They weren't my favorite villains in the series. They strangely know about the Turtles and Splinter and are attacking them because "reasons" and dress like they are from the victorian era because "why not". I mean we've had one shot villains before, but they have still had a reason to exist. Such as that hunter that was trying to hunt down Leatherhead, and then caught sight of the turtles too and said: "Okay I'll make trophies of them too."
Mr.Touch and Go attacked the turtles purely because they were paid for it.
In the episode "Mr.Touch and Go" they are hired up by Hun to kill the turtles.
In the episode "Nobody" (I don't know if it's the correct name of the episode, since I've always seen the Italian version) they are sill hired up by Hun or Raffington (a random guy arch enemy of Nobody). After that, they completely disappear from the timeline.

I always liked them because they were very unique in their style. The stylish "victorian" style mixed with a robot like power always looked cool and hilarious in some ways!

"Hoho Mr.Touch, time to wash the toilette!"
"Sure Mr.Go, I like dipping my hands in the toilet."

"Ehh Mr.Go why not dressing like victorians, I think we would look sexy."
"Ah yes Mr.Touch, why not? Delightful idea."

Come on they could have been stupidly hilarious!
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