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If it's any consolation, my wife yelled at me for getting into internet fights.

Originally Posted by Redeemer
I think the others are just pointing out the fact that other countries with strong social welfare programs are helping their citizens more in terms of financial stability and quality of life. It is also helping their economy. If you notice the two economies that have taken the worse hit are China and US. No other economies are free falling nearly as fast.

Here's the deal: Rooish makes an excellent point about this being a political issue. The rule is that politics are not allowed on the board, but try as I might there are certain members who won't stop starting political topics.

Unfortunately, that opens Pandora's Box. I really don't want that to be the case, but there's little helping it.

I'm just asking that the discussion at least remain productive and based upon general debate rules. Making strawman arguments about Cuban socialist models and other nonsense that has no bearing on the conversation will not be welcomed or tolerated. If you're unsure about what's being discussed, ask for clarification.
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