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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Yeah, the Christmas issue is meant to be read right before TMNTU #5 anyways (which is actually titled "Urban Legends", not "Old Hob and Leatherhead". One of several errors I'm seeing on that wiki timeline).

It might end up getting kinda crazy with all the backups and what not, but I'm sure they'll end up in a decent reading order.
Oh wow really?? I missed seeing the proper title for TMNTU #5, I like it though. Way better than the "Old Hob and Leatherhead" placeholder I eventually just stuck on that timeline I'm a stickler for knowing the titles of all the story arcs usually

Originally Posted by myconius View Post
that's the problem with a wiki page, you never know what kind of looney bird is editing it.
Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
I used to be big into the editing the wiki because other fandoms have such large comprehensive ones, but I quit after some idiot kept insisting the turtles all had Italian middle names and would just undo everything we edited of his.

Some places even have stubborn, ignorant administrators. Makes it even more frustrating.
Originally Posted by myconius View Post
i had a very similar experience on Wiki as well.
someone kept editing a page as per their own personal 'wish-list' instead of being accurate.
every time i'd fix it they'd just re-edit it back to their wish-list. they even tried to ban me from the page.

i figured just let ignorant idiots be what they're going to be.

unfortunately the world is at no shortage of stubborn and ignorant people.
Man, what? Wiki admins can be the f**king worst. I was banned from the Always Sunny in Philadelphia wiki because I kept correcting broken English and turning direct quotes that were not in quotations into paraphrases because they didn't even need to be directly quoted. So stupid and frustrating.

As far as Turtlepedia goes, I just stick to a very tiny corner and mainly just create pages for the IDW story arcs. The actual issue # wiki pages seemed to be overly obsessed with the meaningless minutiae of comic book collecting rather than the actual content like characters, plot development, story progression, etc. To each their own I guess though
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