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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Man, what? Wiki admins can be the f**king worst. I was banned from the Always Sunny in Philadelphia wiki because I kept correcting broken English and turning direct quotes that were not in quotations into paraphrases because they didn't even need to be directly quoted. So stupid and frustrating.
are you serious? banned for correcting broken english.
that site is really a double edged sword.
at times it can be a very good source of information, but many times it's just a haven for knuckleheads.

Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
As far as Turtlepedia goes, I just stick to a very tiny corner and mainly just create pages for the IDW story arcs. The actual issue # wiki pages seemed to be overly obsessed with the meaningless minutiae of comic book collecting rather than the actual content like characters, plot development, story progression, etc. To each their own I guess though
that's really sad. what's the point of even buying a comic unless you are going to invest in the characters and story.
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