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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Certainly interesting to think about. I guess we're gonna end up with about 15 of these things if the series runs to #100.

Still need Mikey, Hob, B&R, Karai, Casey, Alopex, Slash, Krang, and Kitsune. I think they have enough characters to keep keep them mostly individual portraits.
It is interesting that since the hardcovers collect so many issues, it can be pretty hard to pick one character who features the most out of the included issues in any volume.

Mikey is a good candidate for Vol. 7 and Bishop for Vol. 8. Maybe Karai will feature on whatever volume collects the Karai's Path story, especially if she appears in the ongoing in the same batch. Krang will probably feature on the volume that includes his trial. Some of the characters will have to wait a while til they get a decent amount of spotlight again, like Casey, B&R, Slash, and some others
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