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Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
So y'know when a movie under performs and reps from the studio come out and say that while the box office fell short of expectations they are still pleased with the results and you get producers and actors saying there is still talk of a sequel months or even years later.

Notice how none of that happened after Out Of The Shadows tanked. Two weeks into it's run Sumner Redstone publicly declared it a failure, it was blamed for Paramounts market share dropping and even Nemec and Applebaum said there was not going to be part 3. The movie was such a disappointment no one involved could even commit to pretending there was a chance at another sequel.

Right now I imagine that if anyone at Paramount brings up the words Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they have to put a dollar in the swear jar so yeah it's very unlikely a new movie is being developed right now.

If Rise of the TMNT ends up being successful (and I mean as big as the previous iteration) then I suspect the people at Nickelodeon will have some words with Paramount about the possibility of a new movie but frankly there would have to do a lot of convincing. I doubt they would make a live action version of Rise but I doubt they will have done any introspection with what went wrong with the previous movie to do something more original. You don't have to go far online to encounter the attitude that TMNT only works as a Saturday morning cartoon or that it's too much of an 80/90s concept to be successful now, both provable ******** but I guarantee those kind of thoughts at least passed through the heads of Paramount execs after OOTS shadows tanked and it's that attitude people pitching a TMNT movie are going to have to overcome. Writing off TMNT completely is a lot easier than having to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

That's before you get into the idea that TMNT has a lot of problems that a lot of similar comic book movies don't have; like the protagonists are four anthropomorphic animals. I imagine they will still be set on full motion and facial capture cgi again but coming up with whole new 3D models from scratch. That's an expensive proposition and this time they don't have the assurance they did back in 2014 that at very least they'll get their investment back.
I think this is as good a guess as any. We are essentially all taking shots in the dark here.

I really do think the studio may see something they like in the IDW version of the TMNT if they look close enough. I'm not following the series anymore, as the plotting and scripting doesn't really work for me, but the twist on the origin could add the human element that may appeal to execs, or perhaps make the turtles seem more relatable.
I don't think most of us see it that way, but they may. And it would be really exciting to see this fresh take up on the big screen. I have no problem with the Mirage origin. It works great for me. But I do think there is a lot of fun to be had with the IDW version.

How cool would a slow reveal of the turtles be? For the first act of the film we jump back and forth between feudal Japan and modern day New York, building up the story of Hamato Yoshi and his sons in Japan, while building plot and showing only the briefest glimpses of the TMNT, as they stick to the shadows and show off the type of secluded and hidden lifestyle they've been placed into. Act 1 ends with the execution of the Yoshi family as well as the full, frontal reveal of the turtles (as well as the fact that they are indeed the Yoshi clan), as we ramp up towards their reunion with the Foot and Shredder throughout the second and third act.

A tale of family executed and reunited hundreds of years later in a "city made of light". It could maybe lend itself to the gravitas and scope that some of these big summer blockbusters require, without resorting to whipping out a computer generated technodrome.

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