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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Yeah, it's pretty cool to have Jim Henson and his company as a part of Turtles history.

Even if he wasn't himself too fond of the level of violence, but... I mean, the Turtles weren't unknowns by then so you should know what you're signing up for; even basing it only on the cartoon would have still had action that looked somewhat violent in live action.
Not fond of the violence and thinks it's dark? kind of hypocritical and no different than Henson's nonmuppet fantasy creature stuff like Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Storytelling and Witches? what makes those no different? i mean it has a Skeksis being stabbed in the hand until it bleeds as his Mystic counterpart also bleeds, peril, slavery, idea of genocide and murder even in the upcoming prequel series plus the gelfling girl gets stabbed for crying out loud. He even said in an interview before Dark Crystal was released "it's healthy for children to get scared".

Labyrinth is quite dark too even with the idea of goblins and Bowie kidnapping a baby and a bunch of bird-mammal like creatures who pull out their eyeballs to play dice with them even trying to pull off Jennifer's head. The Witches has witches turning children into mice and some of the witches becoming mice and rats as some get slaughtered. Storyteller was quite dark too. So was Farscape which was made in 1999 by the Henson company as it was violent and had edge.

What makes those no different than Ninja Turtles? i like that the Henson company was doing something different from the lighthearted fare like Muppets, Seasme Street, Fraggles, Dinosaurs etc. and i like those too and i like that Henson's company was going into different territory.

I've been a Henson fan since i was 3 thanks to the first 3 muppet movies and Muppet Babies even Fraggles and Seasame Street! my parents bought me Dark Crystal for my 4th birthday as i dug it, i even went to see Labyrinth in a dollar theater at that age, taped reruns of Muppets on TNT and Nick as a kid, dreamchild on HBO at age 4, i watched/taped Storyteller off NBC as a kid even his specials even Jim Henson Hour and other Henson specials, i went to see Ninja Turtles 3 times in theaters even Ninja Turtles 2 2 times and Witches in theaters when i was 8 and 9, saw Ghost of Faffner Hall on HBO at age 7, i taped Dinosaurs off ABC/Syndicated TV at 9 to 12, i taped every episode of Farscape and so on.

Henson was one of my heroes growing up and he was a genius, it's a shame he was taken away from us in 1990 as i remembered when i was 8 as i was devestated when he died and saw the news about it even on Entertainment Weekly TV and in magaines and newspapers and remember the TV specials. It's a shame that Dinosaurs first episode, Witches and Ninja Turtles were the last things Henson did before his untimely death.
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