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As I say in x-men threads discussing continuity; The film universe has adapted perfectly the clusterf-ck continuity it has. But for those "Logan already explains how it ends", well Batman Beyond didn't make us enjoy JLU any less, now did it?

They've already gone full sci-fi with dofp and apocalypse so I think it's not out of the question to have the sh'iar empire. I don't think it'll be a great adaptation but it should be done better than X3.

Anywho I don't see all three movies happening in the same year, Deadpool II wont move but I'm guessing New Mutants and/or Phoenix won't be released the same year. Too much X-Men. Gambit, Origins Magneto were also stated to come out, heck even the sequel to first class was originally going to be different before it became dofp.
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