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Java web programs freeze up my computer, too. The only way I know to get around this is to copy the link into IE and run it through there. Yeah, it's unsafe, but I have yet to fix it on Firefox. It's probably just a plugin fault and you need to redownload Java somewhere. I'll give a better explanation later today, because I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep in my bed, but then fell asleep on the couch. Good job, self.

As for monitors, mostly any LCD monitor does the job, as long as you get a good maximum resolution at a nice refresh rate. Dell has some pretty good LCD screens. I'm not sure how high they go, though. I know the Alienware website has some good LCD screens, like the 30" screen that costs $2,000. Nice.

EDIT: Oh wait, your video card determines maximum resolution and refresh rate. It's way too early. So basically any LCD monitor would be good, as long as it's not a no-name brand.
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