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Thanks for reposting, because I'm an idiot and don't remember how to move posts to another thread. Anyway, I'm home from my boring ass Programming in C class and ready to tackle this.

Okay, this is a sort of odd case, because your computer being stingy with two sites shouldn't really be like that. One thing I can think of is you have some hardcore firewall installed with some odd parameters. If you do, try taking that off and see what happens.

Another thing that springs to mind is you don't have the right ports open, which is odd, because most routers (assuming you're using one) tend to have the ports necessary for internet access wide open, unless you're using a firewall. You can try opening up some ports or maybe even use DMZ in your router configuration. If you don't know how to do that, I'd suggest looking it up in your router manual, because the procedure differs from router to router.

Do you use Firefox? I know there's an option in there that disables the showing of images. Maybe you have that checked, and that's why Photobucket pictures don't load. That doesn't really explain why you can't even access the site, but at least it's something to consider.

Try those things and see what happens.
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