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...a jump rope? That better be either a razor edged jump rope or she's simply not old enough to have her own weapon and go out patrolling with the big girls.

Meh, just give me my boys. If no one had ever heard of TMNT before then the idea of a group of sisters in that kind of series would be cool. But I'm not too big of a fan of taking existing characters or whatnot and doing a "girl version" instead of the girls getting original cool stuff (that isn't stereotypical) of their own.

At best, I could potentially be okay with something more along the lines of what I wish they'd done with the new Ghostbusters and made a continuation, instead of a reboot, where the characters are instead the daughters of the original cast. Obviously though with the Turtles there is a problem in justifying that. Plus I'd miss the focus on them.

I might prefer a group of teen sisters that adult Turtles took under their wing when they're 30s+ and trained them. You wanna mutate one or two of them into something (preferably non-Turtle) at some point, go for it. Then the Turtles can guide them through that, too; being all uncle/dad-like to these kids.
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