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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
And there are two small shadows that sometimes watch cartoons with me when I sit at my desk at the computer. Not sure what that is about.
o.O Got a couple kid ghosts lurking around there, do ya? Nobody playing with your figures when you aren't looking?

If ghosts were to have any basis in reality, gotta say... not a peep from my father in the almost year and a half that he's been gone. Although the auto parts store he as working at for his 'retirement job,' where my brother-in-law still works, has contributed various odd things to him. The weirdest prob being that the remaining driver supposedly, according to her, in the first several months following his death had found the radio station changed in the company truck a number of times, left on channels she didn't listen to and hadn't last left it on, but he'd have often left it on when he'd go deliver a part. (Supposedly the radio stations had been some play battle between them as drivers.) Second hand story, so do I believe it... I dunno. But she was the sole driver for a while after he passed and was, according to my bother-in-law, the only one using the truck at that time.

UFOs... Seen a couple odd things when I was 10.

Picture this. At about age 10 in early 1990 you had gone to bed. It's dark out, your lights are off, and you decide to have a look out the window. There are two objects up in the sky just kind of hanging there in the air unmoving. (A little distance to the south, not overhead.) They appear to be sold objects, possibly kind of round with a row of lights along the sides. Two of them, just sitting there in the air side by side. Silent. They're clearly not stars, and you damn well known airplanes can't hover and helicopters are noisy and have fewer lights... and certainly not in a line like that.

These objects sat there for a little bit. (While I half hid behind my curtain, afraid they would somehow see me. ) After a time, the one on the left just slowly moved off to the east then disappeared from view behind the roof of our back porch. The other sat there a short time longer, than slowly went west. Still no sound.

Seriously, what was that? In 1990. In northern Delaware. We're kind of the farthest thing possible from being any hotbed of secret military stuff, far from it. But it's hard to believe it would be just someone's toys either, not with the apparent height in the air and size they must have been... plus length of time just sitting there unmoving in silence.

Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland is prob the nearest military base, but that's still a reasonable distance. The only thing local of our own is the local National Guard simply keeps a few of the big C-130s at a small local airport. (There's the Dover Airforce Base in this state, but that's even further away.)

My mom was always like, "It was probably just a dream." No... I was a smart kid, before going back to bed I grabbed my journal and wrote down and drew what I saw, so I've got proof it wasn't a dream.

I have long wished to find some old report of it online, for some kind of answer or a claim from someone else having seen it.

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