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This season was alright. Not a whole lot I really sunk my teeth into, though. Glad to see Jora make it out alive another season.

Everything outside the initial meeting between Jon and Dany I couldn't stand. It just felt so rushed and forced and on the verge of pandering.

Sansa was a boring disappointment this year. And for all of Little Finger's treachery and misdirections, I felt he never really had a real big moment yet since season 1. So his demise felt either premature or long overdue.

Originally Posted by NinjaPug View Post
The Sansa/Arya stuff was just nonsense to give those actors something to do all season leading up to the finale.
I agree. Arya did nothing all season. Very disappointed.

Overall, this season was pretty meh. Considering the shortened episode count I was hoping for intense, amped up storytelling but instead it almost seemed to go the opposite way.

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