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Originally Posted by sethmartin View Post
It was the result of reshoots and last minute changes. In the version they shot, Splinter is taught ninjutsu in the lab by watching martial arts movies
Which is just as stupid.

There isn't really a way to handle how Splinter knows martial arts that isn't outlandish but there degrees of just how ridiculous and I maintain ways to depict that wont come off as too outlandish.

I've always maintained the simplest way to do the comic origin is that the mutagen simply awakened the memories of watching Hamato Yoshi for hours on end for years. As soon as he gained sentience he understood what he had seen but hey that's just one rout you could go and one that points how bad the movie origin was as it did away with the most important aspect; Their connection to the Shredder. That is what is important.

Also we don't really know that they were going to go the kung fu movie rout. We know it was planned as it was story boarded but we don't know if it was ever filmed and even if it was, would it be necessary to change that aspect in the re-shoots? What difference does it make to the whole Sachs/Saki angle that they had to change it. What does it say about their approach that it comes unraveled so easily? They come up with this big complex modern, fanboy kewel origin and and the best they could come up with to explain one of the most important aspects of the franchise, something that is in the title is "well he watched some kung fu movies" or "he read it in a book he found".
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