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Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
Here's an article involving Comic Con.

The major takeaways are as follows. (I'll leave them in spoilers for now)


1. Story mode got some explanation. The worlds are being merged.

2. The Infinity Stones will be back as part of the gameplay.

3. Four of the worlds in story mode were covered: Xgard, Knowmoon, Valkanda, and A.I.M.brella.

4. Four characters added to the roster (it might be 25 characters on this article, but I'm probably misinterpreting). Spider-Man on the Marvel side is finally confirmed; on the Capcom side, we now have Frank West, Hagger, and Nemesis.
Your #1 and #2 were things that were indicated months ago. #2 was confirmed in the first trailer.
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