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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
People must really love Clint & Annie!
It's just one of those things where there aren't a ton of copies floating around, especially in decent condition, so collectors blow it into astronomical proportions to justify paying the prices. Reading most SNES collection threads across the Internet, you could very easily be fooled into thinking Wild Guns is one of the most incredible SNES games ever made, which is an absolute load. Really, most of the super rare stuff out there isn't very good. It's the moderately rare, or at least highly sought after, games that really do warrant their going price tags.

Speaking of weird rare SNES games, I played a bunch of EVO last night and...what the f*ck IS that game? I got to the first boss, which handily destroyed me several times over, but I feel like that may be another game where the quality doesn't warrant the outrageous price.

Also, yeah, NHL 94' is the SNES hockey game.
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