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Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
I can't believe Mario All-Stars is worth more than $15, though. That's completely insane to me, though it doesn't totally surprise me considering you see sh*t like SMB/Duck Hunt "selling" for $15 and SMB3 "selling" for $25-$30 at a lot of stores around here. Sh*t is totally ridiculous.
Yep. I haven't found a North American copy of Super Mario All-Stars on Ebay, or anywhere else, for less than $25. And if it ever does sell for a little less online, then the shipping charges jack it right back up to $30-$40. The mom-and-pop shops probably tell themselves that to justify the price.

Xtreme Games Interactive had it for $45, for example.

Anyway. I traded some PSP games I was using as paperweights and got it for $5. It seemed an especially sweet deal after having the above-mentioned dealer say these games of mine were only worth $2 each.
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