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I collect music games!

Video Games are so inflated in price right now, that nobody can possibly get into the hobby, unless you choose to collect the most unloved, unappreciated, over-saturated genre of them all Big Grin

I started two years ago, researching, catalogueing and collecting all of the Konami games, which quickly led into collecting all of the Playstation and Playstation 2 games, and then before I could even set myself a goal, I was just cataloguing and collecting every music game I could find. I got pretty lucky with most of the big-ticket games, and I'm holding out for the retro game fad bubble to burst, before I pick up the insanely rare and expensive ones, but so far I'm over 300 games, with an average cost of around 2 each.

Here's The Monolith when I last photographed it around a year ago. I'm hoping to put the collection to good use, once I can raise the funds to catalogue them all, and provide a history of the genre.

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