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Originally Posted by Leonardo07 View Post
LOL, yeah he got machine gunned and he still lived. I'm talking about Michael Vaughn.
I stopped watching the show by then. Alias really went down hill after season 3.

Originally Posted by Putrescent View Post
no that is an annoying fictional character my real name is Vaughn Michael I was so p1ssed off when they named that character Michael Vaughn because I'm trying to make something of myself and any time you do a search for my name which is my real birth given name this joker comes up. shesh! I really can't win at life...
Sorry dude. *comfort*
I know how you feel. You search my name and you get a damn golf course in Texas...TEXAS!

You could always change your name or go by a stage name, but I wouldn't if I were you. Vaughn Michael sounds really cool.

Question. Why is Venus wearing shorts?
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