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Comix Wave #10 - If I am not mistaken, this was the very first collaboration between Peter & Kevin, from 1982. If not the very first, then it sure is dang early. Plus, Kevin does a story with Clay Geerdes who was the man and still is one of my heroes. If you don't know who he was, for shame! I was hella surprised I got it so cheap, let's just say my maximum bid would frighten most people. I REALLY wanted this.

Bad Girl Art #2 - WARNING - Not exactly kid tested or mother approved! Another piece of great early Eastman work from his naughty years. I wouldn't exactly call this one a steal at the price I had to pay, but I noticed I was up against Roseangelo, so I had stiff competition from another rabid fan.

EDIT - I only realized after posting that this is in the Toys/Collectibles section and really isn't intended for comic "steals"... so my apologies. I suppose we should have a "Recent Steals" thread in the Comics Discussion too. Then there will be much bragging & rejoicing for all!

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