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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I'll stand by all my stated criticisms of this game, but the graphics have nothing to do with the game's problems. I haven't been able to take IGN reviews seriously in years. They sometimes critique a game simply for existing in an age where other genres are more popular with modern audiences, never respecting the fact that some people (not necessarily the mainstream masses they covet for their site traffic) still do appreciate the simple platformer/beat em' up.
Yeah, your review is pretty fair.

I don't know that I'm totally on-board with the game being an NES throwback, but don't think it's fair to criticize something for not being something else. Some of these reviewers are kind of all over the place too - like, they all loved Undertale even though it plays like an anachronism and looks like it was fired out of Pac-Man's butt.
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