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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
The same reason Nickelodeon executives will hawk the board and demand that people be put in time out for saying things that they determine to be "mean" about their products.

It's all about controlling the narrative. Getting people to say and think what they, the corporation, want them to say and think. If not enough people are falling in line, they send people in to "direct" the conversation. Here, Facebook... anywhere on the internet where their products are being discussed.

They're not the only people who do it, keep in mind. Social media is huge business. Every big company that I'm aware of has people go "undercover" on their own websites and social media, as well as others, to increase positive comments and reduce negative ones. I've had to log in under an assumed name and leave online reviews about how awesome my company is; it's the marketing game in the 21st Century. If you can turn an entire "room" of people on to your line of thinking, that's a huge win.

It's cheap advertising, and it's absolutely happening everywhere. The fact that "we're the biggest TMNT fans" is all the motivation Nick needs to try and get your "vote" through forcible persuasion. They don't care what you think, BUT, they'd still really like your money.

They'd honestly be stupid NOT to do it, but it's f*cking annoying anyways.
This is why 1984 was such a great book.
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