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Originally Posted by Bry View Post
are you kidding me

Seriously, if the New 52 didn't really pan out in the long run, can we just go back to Pre-Flashpoint already? Keep what works and restore a better universe with some decent history and depth? That seems like a better option than rebooting every 5 years.
Amen dude. The dcu prior to Flashpoint had its downside with all the dead characters they didn't want to bring back, but it was and is still leaps and bounds better than this crap they are publishing now. Crew cut Superman. BatIronMan. Green hoodlum Lantern... ugh.

Some books have worked, like Batman.... but nearly everything else I could do without.

The TV related series have all been great. Flash, Arrow and the long cancelled Smallville and a few others....

DC has become too dark and no history. Flash and no bang. It's like a drumstick that's all fat... it smells yummy but even the dog won't eat it...
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