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Originally Posted by DonnieLaForge View Post
IMO this guy didn't need to relaunch the campaign. He was getting pretty close, and Kickstarter campaigns are known for having big 1st days and big last days. On the last day, it's featured by Kickstarter again and all kinds of people pitch in to push it over. So I was pretty sure he was going to make it.

I'm also worried that some people will not re-pledge for whatever reason. So now he might lose some of us.

But, still, seems pretty likely to happen the 2nd time too! I will be right back in as soon as it's live! I wonder if the photos/names of 'donors' in the book is still a thing or if it was cut as well to reduce page count....
Hopefully he'll still keep that ... just pledged and sent him an e-mail with my name and photo for the donor page.
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