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Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
Y'know, I just realized I've never actually read your reasonings behind hating Geoff Johns so much. What is it about his work you dislike so much? From what I've read, I found his strength lies in developing lesser known villains into something actually interesting.
He's the poster child for everything that's wrong with "hot," fratboy writers today. Lots of splash pages, double-splash pages in issues you can read in 2 minutes, giant "everything you've known is WRONG!" events that cliffhang into even gianter giant events, all the while hiding behind A-list artists so their stuff always sells. You will never see Geoff "slum" it with a B or C-list artist. He's a hack of the worst kind.

He was always a decent ideas guy, at least, but then somewhere around GL Mega Event #2 or #3 he ran out of ideas, so he didn't even have that.

And 95% of his big events aren't even about telling a good story or getting into any of the characters' heads, but either A) Going down a list of things he wants to retcon from the character(s)'s history, or B) Retconning something of his own. He also has a big tendency to introduce supporting characters and subplots and then completely forgetting about them, ignoring them.

To be fair, "Rebirth" itself wasn't bad. And maybe the first... 15 or so issues of his initial Vol. 4 of Green Lantern, before the whole franchise became Sinestro Corps War #1-500.
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