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Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
Interesting discussion, must admit not heard that about keeping the art to alternating issues, but I will say that I've seen, to back up Pliggins here, way more pages from issues #3 and #5 than I have #2, #4 and #6 over time. So it could well be true.

Actually, I think it's 20% here as the Raphael pages are listed as $4k for me and I'm in the fanclub.
Yeah I got mine for 4k. I just got nervous when I saw a decent page from 5 go in the 2s. Again I am very happy with mine, I just hoped I didn't buy at a high as it took a loooong time for me to get there. On well. And your right, it does seem like the same few pages just swap hands, but when a new page comes out of a black hole and goes up for auction it seems to go much higher.

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