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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
I have yet to fully explore the game, but where is Tiffany in the game?
She has cameo as npc bystander in Channel Six stage.

Originally Posted by lonewarrior20 View Post
ok, i just beat it, i hope more levels get added to the arcade mode later on, if anything i'd be a bonus for finishing story mode. speaking of story mode in my opinion your best bet is to play with splinter, he's got the power to take most enemies down in one hit and good jumping, at first i thought ray was a good choice but he's a terrible jumper. also i'm so glad to see aprils cat form pop up every once in a while when she charges. i bet you had something to do with that oldmanwinters. it made my day.
Splinter is quite good with terrific special. Nelson added the Cat Mutant twist to April's run attack last summer and I love it, she is the only character in game who has the randomized code for an alternate attack. Probably my favorite character to play as she has versatile attacks good for single or multiplayer but isn't a "broken" good character.

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