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This show does have an audience. It's just....nobody in here.

I remember being a kid, when a show I liked got a "new look." I totally hated it. But then I just grew to like it. That's how a lot of things are. You hate it but because it isn't going away your tastes adapt.

I WANT my tastes to adapt to this show but won't... and I don't know why! I guess if the OT cartoon had come out today I'd probably not like it. Most of my love for the OT is nostalgia based? Possibly.

Though I still feel that when this show feels like it, Rise is easily the best animated turtles cartoon when it comes down to fights. My main problem with this show is all of the turtles are Mikey so Mikey doesn't stand out. And there is no straight man. I'm just not gelling with this "Nothing matters and nothing is taken seriously" nature of Rise. Not saying that the show has to be dark. What I mean is every character treats their circumstances like a crappy joke they have to tell. So if they don't care about what is happening then why should I?

My tastes have just changed so while I feel this was fine for the 80s, a turtles show shouldn't be constant jokes all the time. Heck even the OT turtles wasn't that.

I'm going to shill Mao Mao as a better example of episodic light hearted fun with low stakes.

BUT AAANNNYWAY...I would strongly suggest looking outside of this place if you do happen to like Rise. Rise has fans. But very few of them are here.
And I swear to God that isn't some kind of threat or "We don't like u types here." kind of thing, I'm just being honest. This forum is dying because new people who want to get in can't even get in.

Edit: I just had an epiphany. The reason Mao Mao is better than Rise is because the three main characters have different personalities. In Rise all 4 turtles are basically the same. As much as I tend to crap on Leo for being boring (tho his 2k12 version is my favorite). A show like Mao Mao demonstrates how it is entirely possible to have your stick in the mud no nonsense character still be fun, backed up by two friend characters who are also different personality wise. The jokes are more natural when the main cast don't all act the same way. Conflict is funny!


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