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Originally Posted by TigerClaw View Post
So it'll be interesting what his background is going to be for the sequel.
So far the vibe I'm getting is that of an average Joe in NYC who knows April. Exciting.

For 10 hours I ran in heels
I seriously hope they paid well. A little guilty in wishing I could be an extra just once, even if it's 'these films,' but ten hours in heels, running, I'd have to pass. lol

Originally Posted by sethmartin View Post
I like the idea of Casey starting out as a regular guy and gradually becoming a vigilante over the course of a film. However, I think you would need a whole movie just about Casey in order to do it justice. Turtle fans, whether casual or committed, have been very vocal about the fact that they want the Turtle movies to focus on the Turtles!
Yes, very much. If they went that route I'd prefer they master the art of subtlety about it and let it happen in the background instead of as a focus of the film.

But... we're talking about film folks who don't understand subtlety for ninjas, so...

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